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I'm Clavia Castilhos, an Industrial Designer with a strong background in fashion design and a dedicated focus on sustainability. With a unique blend of design expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset, I am currently transitioning into the field of UX Design. As an entrepreneur, I have cultivated a proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving. I bring this mindset along with my creativity and collaboration skills to every project I undertake.

Driven by a user-centered mindset, I am passionate about enhancing user experiences through meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of usability. Drawing from my experience in trend research within the fashion industry, I seamlessly adapt these skills to user research, enabling me to identify evolving trends and user behaviors.

My diverse range of interests, including UX Design, E-commerce, Innovation, Sustainability, and Circular Economy, reflects my multidisciplinary approach. I am dedicated to creating compelling and functional experiences that have a lasting impact on users.

I am eager to bring my skills and passion to a company in need of a talented UX Designer who can seamlessly blend aesthetics and usability.

Let's connect and drive innovation together!



As an Industrial Designer from Brazil with 10+ years of experience in research, I am now transitioning my career to the dynamic field of UX design. Drawing from my diverse background, including work in fashion design and entrepreneurship, I bring a wealth of expertise in understanding user experiences.


During my career, I've cultivated a user-centric approach and developed a strong interest in researching user behaviors. This has enhanced my ability to empathize with users, think creatively, and solve problems effectively. I am eager to apply my unique blend of skills and experience to contribute meaningfully to the world of user experiences.



Cherry On Tech

Internship UX / UI Design


NPower Canada



George Brown College

Sustainable Fashion & Production


Centennial College

International Business Managment

2004 - 2010

Centro Universitario Uniritter

Industrial Design Bachelor

Relevant Work Experiences



UX Designer / UI Designer

  • Co-led the UX design efforts for SpoonFull, an MVP task management product aimed at preventing user burnout by guiding them in managing energy levels through Spoon Theory,

  • Executed comprehensive UX research employing various methodologies such as Competitor Analysis, Empathy Map, Journey Map, How We Might, Persona, User Flow, and Usability Tests to gain profound insights into user needs,

  • Orchestrated Usability Tests and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), actively incorporating user feedback to enhance the platform,

  • Developed a consistent and scalable design system guide based on Google Material Design. This included defining design principles and guidelines, encompassing typography, colour schemes, and component libraries,

  • Demonstrated adept project management skills, collaborating effectively within a team to ensure a successful project launch scheduled for December 2023.

2021 - 2023

Up Pet - Sustainable & Upcycled

UX Designer / Founder

  • Pitch company value proposition to more than one event and investors and got investment and many new strategic connections,

  • Designed and delivered wireframes, mock-ups, low / high-fidelity prototypes with Figma to demonstrate design and simulate functionality of websites and applications for stakeholders,

  • Designed, categorized and launched a website on Shopify using UX design process understanding the user’s needs and pain points,

  • Applied visual design principles and components to optimize the design process, improving the user flow in our website, increasing in 27% the average access time by customers,

  • Managed Digital Marketing and paid campaigns that result in 68% more traffic.

  • Increased the average ticket in 36%

  • Created, launched and improve design solutions for many new physical products, following user survey responses, users test, and design principles.


Camisaria Santo Luxo

Research Design / Designer

  • Created user personas, empathy maps, journey maps, mood board, and design thinking,

  • Conducted User Research to understand clients pain points in the process of improving women shirts, the results supported improvements that led to higher customers satisfaction and adoption of product,

  • Elaborated partners' projects vision and strategy, leading the design thinking and creative process,

  • Managed and improved site/ blog, social media resulting 12% more sales,

  • Built and nurtured relationships with influencers to amplify brand connection.

Work Experience


SAS Retails

Visual Merchandisier

  • Led a Retail Merchandising team,

  • Trained and mentored new retail merchants to understand and improve in-store customer flow,

  • Created and reviewed market survey to understand our customers behaviors.

2021 - 2022

Urban Planet

Visual Merchandisier

  • Changed displays to promote new products launches or to reflect festive or seasonal collection,

  • Created and implemented a visual merchandising strategy for the store highlight new products for customers,

  • Developed detailed floor plans for display areas connected with the target audience and encouraged them to experiment with new styles,

  • Built and maintained relationships with other retail professionals including buyers, marketing executives and retail merchants to increase our sales goals.


Dress for Success


  • Sorted donation clothes and accessories from - Suits Challenge Downtown

  • Styled appropriate clothes for clients 

  • Restructured and organized an accessories area

  • Developed mood board for style and trends to support new stylist to help their clients.


Technical Skills

  • Shopify / WIX plataform

  • Research

  • Prototyping (low and high fidelity)

  • Information Architecture

  • Empathy Maps

  • User Stories

  • Journey Maps

  • Competitive audits

  • Usability Testing

  • Adobe XD

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Ads

  • Social media

 Soft Skills

  • Entrepreneurship-mindset 

  • Empathy

  • Hands-on

  •  Problem Solving

  •  Collaboration

  •  Creative thinker

  •  Adaptability

  •  Time Management

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