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Up Pet e-commerce
website redesign

This UX case is from my experience at Up Pet brand.

Entire responsive website and mobile

Sole Product Designer

Online Retail




patas_love-removebg-preview 1.png


I achieved tangible results through real improvements and tests in this practical project. By delving deeply into user and business needs, I developed an approach beyond aesthetics after putting in dedicated effort.


  • Increased the customers retention in the website 27%,

  • Increased the average ticket in 31%,

  • Simplified the categories, and the flow,

  • Increased numbers of customers access by mobile.


Up Pet, a Canadian pet brand, focuses on sustainability and upcycling.


As UX designers on a Shopify-based e-commerce platform, we aimed to enhance the user interface by addressing identified issues and ensuring our design solutions boost sales and customer retention for Up Pet.

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Design Process


  • Competitive Audit

  • Persona

  • Journey Maps

3- Ideate

  • User Flow

  • Wireframe
  • Prototypes

2-User Interface

  • Brand Identity

  • User Journey


  • Usability Test

  • MVP
  • Next Steps

The Problem

Many users visited the online store but only went to the first page. Some struggled to find advertised products (x or y) and sought clarification on the payment process through direct messages.

Ecommerce campaign-bro.png

"Customers had trouble finding products, and when they discovered these, they didn't go to another section. They feel lost."


Upgrade Up Pet's online store, explore ways to enhance the user experience, and boost the average purchase per customer.

1- Research

During the research phase and gaining a deeper understanding of the users, I created various essential tools and insights. These include a journey map, empathy map, personas, competitive audit, and other valuable resources to inform and guide the development process.

Competitive Audit

I conducted a competitive audit, comparing 5 online pet stores in Canada, ranging from small to medium-sized international businesses. The goal was to understand their product offerings, online features, and branding.


" Anali is a busy pet owner and accounting who needs to buy cool and high-quality goods for her pet because she enjoys caring for and shopping for her dog. She prefer sustainable products for her and her pet." 


2- Brand Identity

Our brand's vibrant colors - joyful orange and transformative purple - form a dynamic duo that amplifies enthusiasm. The logo, a love letter to pets, serves as our eloquent voice on the website.


Primary colour

Accent colour


Our logo proudly showcases our brand name alongside a creatively designed heart-shaped paw adorned in our signature colours.




3- Ideate

After researching and creating personas, I used this information to start planning the online store's layout. I made sure the design accommodated the needs of our main user at every step.

user flow.jpg

After comprehending the optimal user flow, I crafted our low-fidelity prototype. Subsequently, I executed an unmoderated usability study to collect valuable feedback from potential users.


link low-fidelity

4- Delivery

I conducted an unmoderated usability study to gather valuable feedback from potential users. During this inaugural usability testing session, participants were instructed to search for and purchase two products from distinct categories.


Important Findings

Simplify and organize home - categories

The findings were enlightening, revealing that users needed clarification locating the products, resulting in many abandoning their search. These valuable insights highlighted the inefficiencies in our current menu design, prompting us to reconsider and create a more user-friendly and intuitive alternative.

Transparent, easy and secure payment process

The second discovery underscored that our payment process needed more clarity and was difficult for users, necessitating additional steps beyond the usual requirements.

Improve the products variations and sizes

The last important discovery in this project pertains to product size and colours. Users preferred viewing availability first and then deciding on their wanted/ needed size and colour for each item.

Lesson Learned

It is crucial to emphasize the significance of usability testing and engaging with users to understand their primary concerns and requirements.


Additionally, a notable revelation in this project challenged my perspective as a creative designer; it demonstrated that innovation doesn't always require reinventing the wheel. Instead, aligning the product with user expectations and preferences proved more effective. The essence of successful projects lies in prioritizing usability and adhering to best practices.

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