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Spoonfull is dedicated to assisting users in mitigating burnout while imparting essential skills for effectively managing their energy levels, grounded in the principles of the spoon theory.

Year: 2023

Industry: Wellbeing

Role: UX/UI Designer

Timeline: 3 months

Tools: Figma, FigJam, Notion and Jira

Product Experience

Problem Background

The burnout is becoming increasingly common. Workers globally are suffering from the pressures and stress of the working world; however, we need to acknowledge that the impact of burnout is not equal.

Studies shows this discrepancy, with 74% of women said they were very or somewhat stressed for work-related reasons, compared of male respondents. Anothe important point,  are the high level Gen Z and Millennials with burnout. 

Our hypothesis

By creating a tool/ app for users to avoid burnout daily, similar to a planner but not to be a planner.


How might we...

support women in the early stages of their tech careers in preventing high levels of burnout and assist them in effectively managing their energy levels through the implementation of a strategic energy diary?

Key Research

Key Research

Our start point was tested through three initial research methods:

  1. User Interviews: Interviewed potential users to better understand their thoughts.

  2. Survey: understand their behaviours and their pain points about our burnout.

  3. Usability Testing: We conducted usability tests with our users, then refining the product based on their feedback.


Research Findings


"Their goal to have a better work- life balance."


Crafted a comprehensive product strategy by synthesizing initial insights and conducting in-depth research within the design process.

To better grasp our target audience and support our future users, our UX design team has conducted thorough studies, creating personas and empathy maps. We've also used preliminary surveys to construct a user journey map and a user-story map. This collaborative approach helps us understand the needs of our target users, guiding the creation of solutions that meet their preferences.

user mapping.jpg

User Studies


Insightful Turn Point

During our research, we discovered the concept of Spoon Theory. Acknowledging its potential to enhance user well-being, we purposefully integrated elements inspired by Spoon Theory into our product. We obtained invaluable user feedback through thorough surveys and research, showcasing a genuine appreciation for the Spoon Theory. Following intense discussions and collaborative brainstorming, our team collectively decided to emphasize Spoon Theory as a central theme in our project.


Design System

Crafting a cohesive design system poses a notable challenge, and in addressing this, I strategically leveraged colour psychology to evoke two primary emotions: tranquillity and enthusiasm, symbolized by the use of blue and pink hues. Drawing inspiration from Google Material Design, I incorporated industry best practices into the framework, aiming to streamline the development process, particularly for fellow designers in the early stages of their careers, much like myself.



After conducting an in-depth analysis of our initial research and user testing and gathering valuable insights for our product, we strategically dedicated ourselves to developing a solution inspired by Spoon Theory. Our tool is designed to empower users by simplifying the understanding of their energy levels, enabling them to categorize activities and adeptly manage daily demands to prevent burnout. As we delved into this venture, we initiated the prototyping phase for our MVP product, Spoonfull.


Usability Test

We engage directly with potential users, conducting tests to glean valuable insights and feedback. This iterative process ensures that our design and product are on the right track. Presenting user feedback is a crucial aspect of our approach.


"It's more than just organizing our tasks and to-do list; it's also about mental health."                                       User 1

“Would use it for days when there is a lot to get done”                               User 2

“ The functions are intuitive and easy to use”.                                              User 3



SpoonFull Home






My Learnings:

As a UX Designer, embarking on this project presented an intriguing set of challenges. It stands out as one of the most intricate endeavours I've encountered, offering a rich learning experience in various dimensions:
• Conceiving and crafting a product from the ground up to address one of the most complex mental health issues.

• Navigating the delicate balance of designing a solution that caters to user needs and aligns seamlessly with our development team's constraints.

• Fostering collaboration among diverse professionals, including developers, fellow designers, and product managers. Establishing robust design foundations and making informed decisions from the project's inception proved pivotal.

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