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It's important to highlight the outcomes of this project because it was intense research before the launch of Camisaria Santo Luxo products and brand. Furthermore, I showed my transferred design skills from product to digital with impactful results in this project.

  • Positive Customer Feedback: received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, with 85% expressing higher satisfaction with product use and aesthetics.

  • Sales Impact:  sales of the first collection exceeded the sales forecasting by 22% .

  • Consumer Loyalty: repeat purchase rate was 39% for the following collection.


More and more women are entering the labour force without leaving their other demands, such as being a wife, mothers, housewives, daughters, friends and many other activities and duties. Women are increasingly looking to dress like themselves with style, personality and status in an elegant, practical and timeless way.

Looking at this target market and their needs, Camisaria Santo Luxo launched. CSL  was a local brand in Brazil that handcrafted exclusive and elegant women's shirts.


The company is the first store (online and multi-brand stores) specializing in shirts/tailoring just for women in southern Brazil. CSL purpose is to dress and represent all styles of women with their differences and unique needs.



In this project, my role was that of a fashion designer, and here I would like to highlight my passion for research (with users and products) and present my design process.


Throughout the project, I nurtured a firm conviction that the skills and knowledge honed during this endeavour can transfer seamlessly into digital design, where my background skills and knowledge can transfer to UX Design and UX Research, creating equally impactful, user-centric experiences.

The Problem

 CSL aims to develop a collection of women shirt and in the future tailoring with various colours, prints, models and sizes. Our primary objective is to solve all the issues highlighted by our target audience in the surveys we conducted.


"I love wearing timeless and versatile clothes, able to effortlessly transition with me through the different activities I engage in throughout the day."


CSL's mission is to understand the blend of cultural insights from the job market and women's lifestyles to create timeless and beautiful collections. CSL's vision is to position itself as the foremost authority in this burgeoning fashion industry segment.

User Goals: Looking stylish and feeling comfortable in every everyday situation, expressing your unique personality through your clothing choices.

Business Goals: Our goal is to be a luxury women's shirt brand by understanding the needs and preferences of our target audience, ultimately establishing ourselves as a leader in this exciting new market as synonymous with quality and style.


Understanding the customer

After identifying a niche in the market, our next step involved a comprehensive search for quantitative and qualitative data. Through extensive research, we sought to gain a profound understanding of the users' needs and pain points.

CSL studies encompassed various methodologies, including persona, mood board, product usage analysis, interviews, material testing, and iterative usability testing of our initial version. Each step was followed by careful refinement until we achieved the ultimate goal of delivering the final, refined product.

Based on the research insights, I developed a primary persona demonstrating CSL target users, especially their goals and pain points.


" Angel is a business manager with many duties and responsibilities, such as mother, professional, wife, friend and others. She wants to wear timeless and professional clothes that make her feel like herself at whatever events she has all day. "

Beige Earthy My New Year Goals Mood Board Poster.jpg

Mood Board

Events and other activities all

day long.

Our mood board describes our target customer lifestyle, activities and colour palette.

Family time

work style

Survey Results

Pet Survey_edited.jpg

Mock-up and Improvement

After obtaining the results from our initial research and surveys, the CSL team created our first set of products to thoroughly test critical elements such as fabrics, patterns, and other details. Our diverse and complementary team in CSL comprises a talented seamstress, a pattern maker,  a designer, and a fabric cutter; the CSL team spared no effort in crafting these prototypes.

To gain deeper insights into user experiences and their perceptions of our products in real-time, we conducted a blind test with select competitors. This step allowed us to understand better how users interacted with our offerings and what they thought

about them.


After thoroughly examining our user test results, it has become evident that specific aspects of our collection demand careful attention and refinement within our pattern base based on our product and competitor samples.


Below, I will provide a detailed breakdown of the pain points that emerged during the usability testing sessions with our users. As a user experience professional, addressing these concerns will enhance the overall user experience and ensure our

product's success.

special attention about fabric
make it longer
attention on
the button

Problem Discovery

Research and user tests show these insights, and our attention and priorities will be:


  • Importance of the button between the breasts, 

  • They are looking for quality, unique and timeless shirts, 

  • Fabrics with certain elasticity (mobility in movements) and without quickly kneading.

By understanding and addressing these crucial factors, we aim to deliver a profoundly improved user experience that aligns with our users' desires and expectations, elevating the overall appeal of our products in the market.

Lesson Learned

This design case for developing the women's shirt product showcases my ability to deliver impactful user experiences from physical products. It demonstrates my expertise in data-driven decision-making, empathy-driven research, and innovative problem-solving.

It is a testament to my passion for creating compelling designs that captivate users and align with a brand's vision. It makes me an ideal candidate that knows how to transfer skills and knowledge of physical product design to digital products, understanding in depth the design process for any UX design position.

CSL Collection

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